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Mick Kurimsky - january 2014


Michal Razus helped me find my ancestors after months of trying other channels. His work was excellent and done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him as a resource for Eastern Slovakian Ancestry research.


Robert Klym, North Carolina

- family tree 2015 -

Michal Razus helped me tremendously with research on my mother's Slovak ancestry. He is friendly, professional, and well organized. Michal obviously has a wealth of knowledge and experience. My experience with him was a pleasure. I recommend him very highly.


About me

My name is Michal Razus. I majored in Slovak history and litrature at University of Presov. I am a proffesional genealogist and tour-guide specialized in ancestral tourism. I have rich experience with archive research and family search. My results can be proved by many satisfied clients from the USA and Canada.

Regional representative of  International Czechoslovak Genealogical Society and member of Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Societ. Speaker on CGSI conferences St. Loius 2011 and Lombard 2013.

May I help you about Slovakia?


Unique battlefield in Slovakia

Traveling in Slovakia is fun


Family tree - original and unique present for you and your family.

Give this precious artifact of your history to yourself or pass it to your chidren.
Credit your ancestors for the journey they made and keep them in a family tree.

Familytree shows the ancestors or descendants of the particular person. It can be also the combination of both. In Slovakia it is possible to get to approximately to 1780.

Outputs of the research (electronical form):

Family tree (Graphic chart)

Copies of the documents


Each family tree is created based on a research and the historical documents.
Their copies are send to you so you can compare and verify the information chart.
Because records are usually in Slovak, Latin or Hungarian languages you will obtain also the report with the description of the records.

Discover your family history. Find out who were your Slovak ancestors.
Explore their native land and way of life. The cost of the family tree coming from the ancestor born around 1890 is usually around $260*

*The price  depends on several factors such as religion, size of town etc. Advance payment is usually not needed. Most of our clients are using paypal or bank transfer.

Please, try to gather as much information about your family. The more information you can find, the chance to success is higher. Essential are especially these data: 

nobel family tree

- complete names of the ancestors
- your relationship to this persons
- dates: born, marriage and death
- place of born
- religion
- year of arrival to the USA
- all other relevant information:
old documents, letters, envelopes,
contact to relatives who remained in Slovakia

Learn more about your Slovak roots and family:


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Find your living relatives


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