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Mick Kurimsky - january 2014


Michal Razus helped me find my ancestors after months of trying other channels. His work was excellent and done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him as a resource for Eastern Slovakian Ancestry research.


Robert Klym, North Carolina

- family tree 2015 -

Michal Razus helped me tremendously with research on my mother's Slovak ancestry. He is friendly, professional, and well organized. Michal obviously has a wealth of knowledge and experience. My experience with him was a pleasure. I recommend him very highly.


About me

My name is Michal Razus. I majored in Slovak history and litrature at University of Presov. I am a proffesional genealogist and tour-guide specialized in ancestral tourism. I have rich experience with archive research and family search. My results can be proved by many satisfied clients from the USA and Canada.

Regional representative of  International Czechoslovak Genealogical Society and member of Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Societ. Speaker on CGSI conferences St. Loius 2011 and Lombard 2013.

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Unique battlefield in Slovakia

Traveling in Slovakia is fun

August 2008 Jessica Sandy, Chicago

I would highly recommend Michal's services to anyone looking to learn about their Slovakian ancestry.

Michal Razus can be considered an honorary member of our family!  His diligent research was vital to learning about our family's history and with Michal's help, we were able to find and meet our relatives still living in Turzovka, Slovakia.  These relatives had in their possession my great-grandfather's death notice, sent from Chicago to Turzovka in 1934.  Not only that, but they had the original property deed which had been sold to their ancestors by my great-grandfather before he had immigrated to the United States.
Michal's hard work, patience and kindness were especially meaningful to my 83 year-old grandfather, who had traveled with my mother, aunt, grandmother and I to learn about his family's roots.  Prior to our visit to Turzovka, my grandfather had known nothing about his father who had died when he was very young.  Now, my grandfather has seen his father's original house, hearth and signature.   I would highly recommend Michal's services to anyone looking to learn about their Slovakian ancestry.